Health Care

Laxalt wants to chip away at Medicaid coverage for Nevadans.

In November 2017, Laxalt “did not have much to say” about whether he’d reverse Gov. Sandoval’s decision to expand Medicaid.

Gov. Sandoval was the first Republican governor in the nation to opt in to the Medicaid expansion under the ACA. In January 2018, Laxalt came out against Sandoval’s decision to expand Medicaid — admitting he would have opted to turn away billions in free federal dollars to cover hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.

Laxalt snubbed the chance to stand up against Trump’s attempt to dismantle Nevada’s health care system and raise premiums on Nevadans.

In August 2017, the executive director of the Silver State Health Exchange, which manages ACA enrollment in Nevada, asked Laxalt’s office to join a multi-state lawsuit to stop the Trump administration from ending CSR payments, which keep insurance markets stable and premiums affordable for low-income people. The official said Laxalt’s office never responded to her request, and he ignored a reporter’s request for comment.

Thanks to Trump and Republicans’ unending crusade to dismantle our nation’s health care system, the average health insurance premium in Nevada increased by over 40 percent last year and is forecast to be 10 percent higher in 2019 due to GOP sabotage, which caused costs to increase by nearly 8 percent when Nevadans otherwise would have seen premiums decrease.

Chief among the sabotage tactics is Trump’s decision to end CSR payments, shifting the burden onto middle class families and costing the federal government hundreds of billions of dollars.

Gov. Sandoval said Trump’s decision to end the CSR payments would be “devastating.”

“It’s going to hurt everybody…Now this is going to make it much more difficult for those people out in the rural counties and in the urban areas to be able to obtain affordable insurance. So this is something I don’t support, I think that this has been very good for Nevada, and I think the administration should keep providing those subsidies.”

#AskLaxalt why he wants to take away Nevadans’ health care.

At a campaign event in Ely, Laxalt said he thinks “we have a very small window with an election of conservative for governor, and this administration, we have a few years to get in there with our few priorities on how Nevada can grow.”

The Trump administration recently approved unprecedented eligibility restrictions for Medicaid, including coverage lock-outs. Since Laxalt happily accepted Trump’s endorsement in June, it’s no surprise that Laxalt has done nothing while Trump has worked to rip health care away from hardworking Nevadans.