This page was updated on 8/28/2018.

Laxalt opposed Nevada’s marijuana legalization initiative as his biggest donor spent millions to block it.

Laxalt’s biggest donor, Sheldon Adelson, “essentially self-funded the fight” against a 2016 ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana, donating over 97 percent of the total raised by the anti-legalization group.

Laxalt stood alone in his refusal to fight for legal marijuana small businesses.

Even as Gov. Brian Sandoval’s administration recently took action to solve this problem for Nevada’s marijuana businesses, Laxalt remains silent.

Laxalt dodged follow up questions about banking for pot businesses by saying he was waiting to meet with Nevada’s new U.S. attorney, but when he finally met with her, he wouldn’t say what they discussed.

In early March, Laxalt’s office confirmed he’d met with the U.S. attorney on marijuana issues, “but will not comment further on the specifics of their discussion other than to say it’s an ongoing conversation.”

Laxalt refused to defend Nevada’s legal marijuana industry from Trump’s interference — despite his history of fighting “federal overreach” during the Obama Administration.

The change in administrations seems to have changed Laxalt’s view of federal overreach. When the Trump administration threatened to squash Nevada’s half-billion dollar marijuana industry, Laxalt stood idly by despite “conspicuously [fighting] against what he called federal overreach during the Obama Administration.”

#AskLaxalt why he’s failed to fight for Nevada’s voter-approved legal marijuana industry.

The Reno News & Review blasted Laxalt in an editorial for working harder for his biggest donor, Sheldon Adelson, than for Nevada’s legal marijuana businesses:

“When a casino owner, Sheldon Adelson, wanted Laxalt’s assistance, the attorney general hopped to [it] fast, approaching a gambling regulator to aid Adelson. […] It would be nice if the marijuana industry could get the same kind of service from Laxalt as the casino industry. Instead, his personal political preferences on a Nevada ballot measure are once again interfering with his doing his job.”