Homeowner Relief

In 2016, Laxalt was asked to investigate a state program that lost Nevada nearly $7 million in federal aid meant for struggling homeowners after the program squandered taxpayer dollars — but Laxalt did nothing.

When reports of the gross mismanagement by the Nevada Affordable Housing Assistance Corporation (NAHAC) the became public, a state official who oversaw the Nevada Housing Division asked Laxalt’s office to “immediately open an investigation… and, if necessary, pursue action against those responsible.” At the time, his spokeswoman said he’d “review the matter.” One year later, it was clear Laxalt’s office had done nothing.

In 2018, Laxalt still wouldn’t say whether he’d investigate the program, even when asked by members of Congress.

Congresswoman Dina Titus and the Las Vegas Review-Journal rarely agree on much, so when they both called on Laxalt to investigate the program’s malfeasance, you would have hoped Laxalt would listen. A month later, in March 2018, when reports showed that NAHAC had been doling out no-bid contracts in violation of its own policies, Titus again called on Laxalt to investigate, but Laxalt refused.

#AskLaxalt why he isn’t fighting harder to protect Nevada homeowners from fraud.

Instead of using his office to protect everyday Nevadans from criminals and fraudsters, Laxalt has engaged in ideological litigation to advance his right-wing agenda — as the Las Vegas Sun wrote in a scathing 2015 editorial on his lawsuit against Pres. Obama’s executive actions on immigration.

“The only interest this seems to protect and secure is Laxalt’s apparent desire to sharpen his conservative credentials. […] Laxalt should withdraw Nevada’s participation and use his limited resources to pursue matters that other states won’t pursue — such as crime, fraud and scams within Nevada’s borders.