Laxalt on the Issues

Nevadans deserve a governor who’s not afraid to tackle the important issues facing our state. Adam Laxalt is not that guy.

Whether it’s reproductive rights, gun violence, LGBT equality, affordable housing, or sexual harassment, Laxalt has repeatedly dodged questions from reporters looking to clarify where he stands. Week by week, we'll be rolling out a new issue on this website to remind Nevadans just how out of step Laxalt is on issues that matter to them.

Why is someone running for the highest office in Nevada afraid to talk about the issues? The reason is simple: Adam Laxalt is trying to conceal his extreme and dangerous views from Nevadans because he knows he’s not on the same page as Nevada voters.

From what Laxalt has shared with the public, it’s clear that his reckless agenda would drag Nevada backwards.

Adam Laxalt may think he has all the right ideas for Nevada, but when asked about them, it’s clear he has no clue what Nevada families need.